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Interview with Richard Kimber

Investment highlights

  • The exponential rise in unstructured data from customer interactions brings challenges and opportunities for business. Only AI solutions can extract valuable, timely insights from this unstructured data

  • daisee is an AI Enterprise SaaS company that builds AI-driven speech analytics applications. This software will allow businesses to gain a competitive edge

  • daisee is well-positioned to establish itself as a market leader in the large, global speech analytics market

  • daisee’s sophisticated AI platform has been developed by data scientists and software engineers with developer experience from some of the world’s most prominent tech companies

  • Lisa is daisee's flagship speech analytics program. It has been received well by the market and the customer pipeline continues to grow domestically and internationally

  • Increasing regulatory requirements drive demand for ‘Lisa’

  • Key components of daisee’s speech analytics ‘Lisa’ offering: 

    • Open Architecture Database

    • Superior AI-driven Semantic Engine

    • Flexible & Scalable Deployment

    • Flexible Proposition

  • daisee’s executive team has a passion for technology and a strong track record of building businesses. It is led by Richard Kimber

  • Easily scalable business model with international expansion underway

  • AI opportunities are significant and potential future revenue streams have been identified

  • daisee is seeking to raise up to $6m of equity funding to optimize the product, fund working capital and accelerate international expansion



There are risks that may affect the operating and financial performance of daisee. Key risks are below, but this is not an exhaustive list. 


a. Customer Acquisition Risk - it is possible daisee is unable to acquire sufficient customers to become profitable

b. Competition Risk - the contact centre software industry is competitive, therefore obtaining market share could be difficult

c. Funding Risk - daisee will need to raise further funds to continue to operate

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