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Supporting the home renewables revolution and unlocking the power of Australia's solar households, making solar practical and profitable enough to replace coal-fired power.

Business Objectives

DC Power Co aims to:

  • Become the company of choice for Australians who want to benefit from the home renewables revolution

  • Become a major supplier of home solar and battery storage across the country

  • Create Australia’s largest community power plant or ‘the big Aussie battery’, harnessing emerging technologies like virtual power plants

  • Advocate for all solar homes to get a better deal, bring down prices and establish them as the large energy generator that they are, with the market power to boot

Investment highlights

  • DC Power Co has been established to provide Australian households with a pathway to generating, storing, consuming and selling their own solar power

  • Over 2m Australian homes have solar panels, which is projected to grow to 4m by 2030. Solar battery installations are also on the rise, from 25,000 in 2018 to a projected 800,000 by 2030

  • Australia is the global leader in the development, installation and innovation of solar and battery technology. Prices for solar panels and batteries are coming down fast and the market is approaching a tipping point for accelerated adoption

  • None of the vertically integrated major generators/retailers are motivated to provide DC Power Co’s suite of solar-focused service offerings, and a pipeline of solar/battery packages and funding options for fear of cannibalisation of their own customer base and redundancy of their extensive coal and gas reserves

  • DC Power Co has established a foothold in the Australian retail electricity market and has a competitive offering in the market along with a strong pipeline of offerings for solar and battery packages and funding options

  • There is strong latent demand for ‘clean, renewable’ electricity solutions with over 90% of all households saying they want more renewable energy.  DC Power Co’s product offerings directly address this pent-up demand

  • DC Power Co has assembled an experienced management team with strong marketing, technology and sector knowledge to deliver on its vision for powering Australia by renewable energy

  • The company has an industry best net promoter score (NPS) and many of its customers are also shareholders in the company

  • DC Power Co has been created to constructively find a way for Australia transition to low carbon emissions as part of our efforts to avert climate change



There are risks that may affect the operating and financial performance of DC Power Co. Key risks are below, but this is not an exhaustive list. You should always consider the general crowdsource funding risk warning and offer document before investing.


a. Regulatory & Policy Risk - the energy industry is highly regulated and changes to laws and regulations may impact operations

b. Customer Acquisition Risk - it is possible DC Power Co is unable to acquire sufficient customers to become profitable

c. Competition Risk - the energy industry is highly competitive, therefore obtaining market share is difficult

d. Funding Risk - we need to raise further funds to continue to operate

e. White Label Provider Risk - Powershop Australia provides energy under the DC Power Co brand and this contract could be terminated

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