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Getting 'transaction ready'

Whether you're looking to exit, acquire or raise capital, Venture Advisory has the experience and capabilities to partner with and position your business to reach your objectives

Minimising risk and optimising outcomes

Primary objectives when embarking on a major transaction must be to minimise risk and optimise valuation outcomes. We believe the secret to this success is in carefully assessing all the options, prior to a process of thorough preparation for the transaction and then launching the transaction

Our three-step process

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Major transactions come up irregularly but are crucial valuation events

Venture Advisory is highly skilled in the process of assisting companies with major transaction events:

  • Sale of all or part of a business

  • Initial Public Offerings

  • Major or bolt-on acquisitions

  • Private and public capital raising 

Being in a 'hurry' is a sure recipe for disaster

Insufficient preparation during the pre-transaction phase. These issues often result in failed transactions:

  • Management's unfamiliarity with the transaction process and its more sophisticated requirements

  • A gross underestimation of what's required pre-transaction and the related time for implementation   

Avoiding common pitfalls

Without partnering with the right financial advisor and getting sound advice, common pitfalls include:

  • Not identifying ‘deal breakers’ and ‘high risk’ challenges prior to launch

  • Underselling the true investment highlights and attractiveness of the business. Conversely, failing to identify red flags and overpaying when acquiring a business

  • An incomplete market scan, overlooking potential targets / acquirers

  • Producing implausible business plans / financial forecasts that result in loss of credibility

  • Not understanding valuation resulting in selling too cheaply or acquiring too expensively

  • Uninformed and inexperienced negotiations leaving ‘money on the table’


At Venture Advisory, preparing for and completing transactions is our speciality. We will manage the entire process in ensuring the business is best positioned to transact, leaving your team to focus on the business' operational matters.

Our partnership approach

Put simply, Venture Advisory would like to work alongside your business every step of the way to ensure that you attain your goals.

Our services span from an initial review to assess which transaction is best suited to your strategic goals, preparing the business and its key employees with the relevant requirements for the transaction right through to launching the deal process and negotiating a successful settlement.

We have the people, resources and experiences to fill in the gaps and make it pleasant experience. We are also committed to staying close after the transaction to help companies continue to grow.

We align our interests with yours to build a trusted relationship and work towards a seamless, stress-free and surprise-free transaction

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